Meet Peatrie.

•December 30, 2009 • Leave a Comment

He’s a little bastard and he’s mine. Peatrie is my two year old pet Cockatiel.

I got him at the end of my schooling life as a baby when he was was just old enough to feed himself on seed. Since school was no longer a daily duty and I was at home a lot I spent a fair amount of time rearing and playing with him. He was pretty well trained and enjoyed the company of people. When the doors were all closed in the house I would open the top of his cage up so he could come and go as he pleased. When he wasn’t on my shoulder he was sitting quietly perched on top of his cage.

The funniest things the little mongrel would do was push his beak into my closed hand and arch his neck in a way that exposed his ruffled shoulder and neck feathers in the hope of receiving a scratch. It worked.

He’s since gained a brother that he shares his cage with. They bicker and fight when I’m around but I know they’d die without each other’s company.


And the journey begins…

•December 29, 2009 • 2 Comments

So, I’ve made it…I made the grand old age of twenty-one.

As a present to myself with a little help from others I decided to buy something I had always wanted. I bought a DSLR of the Nikon variety, D3000 to be exact. I had never prioritised the want highly enough to bother spending a generous amount of ¬†money on a ‘camera’. I’ve looked past the new DSLR as just ‘camera’ and now see it as far more…more of a tool to unlock some of my creative being which I hope is hiding somewhere within.

I’ve had little time to play with it as the festive season and no real time off work over this christmas break has left me with little time on my hands.

Here’s a quick snap I’m semi-liking. Dusty old Pentax with stale film.